In my Skin

Awkward in my own skin
I walk self-consciously into the room
No-one notices me, do they?
Or do they see that I know not how
to walk
I put one foot in front of the other
Like so
But it feels not
Should my hips sway?
or be thrust forward…
why can these hips not
decide on their own
I get there
Slide into a seat
We look at slides
Who is that person on the left?
It is me…can you not see me?
perhaps I don’t look like myself
…an indiscriminate generic person who is on the left in a photograph



3 thoughts on “In my Skin

  1. Penny, I found your blog via Lesley’s twitter feed. I am just thrilled to be able to read your poems online. I remember visiting your home as a little girl — Pez and I would beg you to read some of your poems to us (you even wrote us one to ‘perform’ at some Ben Pine shindig). I’ll specifically remember you reading us one you’d written about waiting at the airport; I thought it was the most fantastic thing I had ever heard!

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