The racial signs were removed but the monster lives




This is the daily lived reality of too many black people in our country. If I want to be kind, maybe this woman was having a bad day and at least her daughter realised she was out of line. Bad day or not, I believe us white people who have so much to answer for, need to be asking ourselves why our default position is being critical and judgemental of others based on their race. That is, being racist. We who are lucky enough to continue our lives with very little change to our lifestyles. Why are we not more conciliatory, more understanding, more prepared to self-examine than to accuse?

How do black people continue being so patient? The response of Mpumelelo is measured and mature. He is still able to acknowledge that not all whites are like this, that sometime black people give white people an excuse for racism because of incompetence. I do not agree with this last point at all though. Why should black people have to even worry about giving an excuse to white people? yes, we want excellence but for the sake of excellence. Not to prove themselves to white people. No! to prove themselves  to themselves.

If white people encounter incompetence in other whites, do they suddenly became racist towards white people? No! they complain about incompetence.

In my view, if the attitudes of black people do harden towards whites, it will be the fault of the many white people who still behave this way. Even in my morning paper, The Mercury,  they are given too much airtime.

I do not relate to these people but I feel compelled to apologise for their behaviour much as Zuma had to apologise to the Mocambicans for the behaviour of some of our people.

I am sorry.